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It was a Monday. Marie was awake when I got up because her mouth hurt so much. I took her car to work so she could go to her parents & then the dentists. It was a normal day for me. I got frustrated working on website/domain stuff because I’m trying to take this diary shit seriously.

Amelia hung out with her abue & tata while Marie went to the dentist. The dentist essentially tortured her. He took a big needle to clean out her dry socket & inject clove oil to help the pain. He didn’t numb her & she said she thrashed, cried, & whimpered like a dog. She cried for hours.

She told me this on the phone as she drove back home & I smoked a black & mild (wine, wood tip of course). Her descriptions & recounting made me sick to my stomach. I cried for her. We got into it later while I was giving Amelia her bath. I was furious at the dentist, not her. In that moment I wanted to kill him.

Dentists suck, but it has been over 4 years since I went. That rage felt like the old me. Time passes so quick at times it feels like it never was. Amelia is watching an awful children’s sing-a-long before bed. Marie & I hate it. Oh well.

I love my dad, mom, sister, wife & daughter forever & ever!



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