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21,915 Days


Today was my mom’s birthday. She turned 60. She’s over twice my age. That’s always weird to think about. At one point in my life she was 35 times my age. What an odd idea—age difference remaining the same, but age ratio changing greatly over a lifetime.

Because if two people 35 years apart reach an age where on is 100, then the 65 year old had (technically speaking) lived 65% of the other person’s life. Whereas a 1 year old has lived only about 2.86% of the 35-year-old’s life. And if one lives to 100,000 years old, and the other 99,965, then the younger has lived roughly 99.97% of the older person’s life. 35 years remains the same amount of time, but 35 years is not a subjective experience.

At 60 years a person would have been alive for ~21,915 days (15 from leap years); 525,960 hours; 31,557,600 minutes; 1,893,456,000 seconds. Numbers are stupid & beautiful.

Marie convinced me to pick up Amelia with her. I didn’t want to because I wanted to stay & cook dinner. I was hangry for a bit, but then Marie, Amelia, & I ate chicken wings & potato wedges in a starbucks café inside a grocery store. The future is now. It was a beautiful meal & instantly helped my spirits.

Tomorrow is Friday, & then a much-needed 3-day weekend. Oh boy oh boy.

I love you mom, & everyone else, but especially you, mom



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