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Seven Billion 24’s


Where do I begin today? How do you pick a moment of recollect from a full 24 hours? If you took one 24 hour chunk from everyone in the world you’d have over 7 billion days, experiences, instances just gone. Think of what we could get done with 7 billion 24s working as one. Sometimes I am baffled at our current global reality, but then my confusion washes away. I know what is possible & what is the reality. It just seems so close, so I guess that’s why it’s so bitter. Oh well.

Marie had to be at school for work/class stuff at 6:00am. We woke up at 5:30 together. I stayed up until 8:00 enjoying my time in the dark, quiet pre-dawn. Amelia woke up at 9:00 and hung out with me as I dozed. We got up & lived. Marie got home around noon, and about an hour later her & Amelia were napping together.

I cleaned the kitchen floor & counter-tops, cleaned the back patio, enjoyed Pokémon Shield, then got dinner from the store. I made fried rice & fried chicken. It was delicious. Marie showered & we all went to Target together.

Once home I showered, Amelia watched Cinderella 3 (which sounds like a joke title but isn’t) & fell asleep, and Marie & I fell asleep while being intimate. I suppose it’s a nice day when you fall asleep to someone you love touching your penis. Ah, to be alive.

Glad I love my dad, mom, sis, wife, daughter, & cat



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