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Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease


I left work early today. Marie skipped her first class to take Amelia to the doctor’s. Our plan was to meet at home before her 1:30pm class. I left work around 12:20 & by the time I got home Marie was given a note excusing her from the rest of her classes this week. So, technically, I left early when I didn’t need to. But I hung out with my family, which is always lovely.

There was one thing I needed to do for work at home, but I didn’t have time until like 9:00pm, so I hope no-one was upset at received an email at 10:00pm. I fell asleep then woke back up to help but Amelia to sleep. She does have hand, foot, & mouth disease. However, she’s still full of energy. Infectious diseases are odd.

Marie gave Amelia a chamomile bath because it’s what her parents suggested. I personally felt like a normal bath would have been fine, but I can’t question anything her parents say. And who knows, maybe this will help Amelia like tea. Lord knows those who love tea sure love drinking warm-to-hot beverages.

Part of me doesn’t even believe the day is over. Night comes so quick, and our daily schedules can be altered like dust on a headboard—with just a touch we are different. My back aches, which helps remembering that pain is timeless, but a sore spot never stopped a clock from ticking, and I know I’m no different.

Love for all, today



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