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Out of Wack


I promise I’m trying to get these posts back to their noon release. I ultimately don’t think it matters and that’s ok with me. I’m doing this more for myself. I think maybe I’ll go full circle so I end up writing the posts the day of in the evening so they always release on time.

Who knew moving would throw a schedule so out of wack? Part of me knows that I was in a flow with creative projects and being successful at what I deemed successful, but the other part always reminds me it’s not permanent. It’s not always the most fun, but I think caging my expectations allows them to be freed when it happens, and offers me a chance to enjoy the moment for the moment. I’ve been a lot happier lately. Marie and I have been working on our relationship and it’s not a festering wound anymore.

Part of me doesn’t want to write anymore. This might be that little half step you do when you’re walking to music and your feet plant on the wrong beat. It’ll be a hiccup to align the tracks. This’ll get posted for yesterday and I’ll muster the energy to prep tomorrow’s so it is actually written on the day it happens.

Wonderful things happen even in the slightest ways. Reflection, correction, growth, repeat. The cycle continues each day and we all live on. Boy do I want a drink.

Love the normal loves,


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