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Energy in the Tank


Hoo doggy am I tired. Stayed up until 2:00am formatting my script so everything beyond this point went smoothly. I looked at the clock at it was 1:58am and then I looked again and it was 3:02am and my heart skipped a beat because I thought, somehow, an hour had passed without me knowing. This post is not about daylight savings time but rather about the feeling of fear I got when I thought something was voided from my memory.

Today has been really nice so far. I’m currently laying under Amelia’s pink blanket while she naps in her bed. It’s a late nap but I’m tired and just want to know I can sit around for a bit without having to worry whether or not she’s launching a missile in some way or another. We went to the park and she played for an hour so I’m grateful she got some energy.

Altogether I’m grateful for right now because I can just chill. I finished the script, am working on getting this blog back into a consistent schedule, and feel like I have my time back. It’s taken a bit but I realize that, once I finish one type of creative project, I need a little time to recharge. Mainly it’s so I take and make time to spend with my daughter. It’s a nice habit for myself because then I don’t feel too burnt out and I leave enough energy in the tank to think about my next project.

Realistically I might revisit a short story I’ve been writing and either punch it up for submissions, or extend it into a longer form for submissions in the future. I can’t say too much but it’s about personal demons and forgiveness in a literal and abstract way.

As always, thank you so much for reading. It truly means a lot.



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