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1st COVID Vaccine


I got my first Covid shot today. It wasn’t all that bad. There were a lot of people there also getting their shot. Amelia and I stood in line for about an hour and a half before I got seen. Then we waited about 10 minutes for me to get it, then we had to chill for 15 more minutes to make sure there were no adverse side affects. Apart from a slightly sore arm a few hours after I got it, I’m doing great.

Marie is getting her shot Thursday, then our follow ups will be in May after we come back from our little vacation to the ocean. When we go there we’ll be staying in an air B&B and essentially staying to ourselves because we need just a little bit of an escape before we melt.

After my shot Amelia and I got lunch then went to a nursery for some new plants. I got a snake plant because they’re low light, as well as another succulent. We also got a new watering bucket and spray bottle since I’m trying to propagate some leaves into their own, mini plants. I have low expectations but trying nonetheless.

It was nice to do some gardening in the sun while Amelia chilled and watched a movie. I was on the patio and she was in the living room, so we were still very close while I was working. The plants themselves look good to me. The succulent soil I got at the nursery is way better than the stuff from a Home Depot, and it’s gritty enough that I don’t have to mix in perlite for drainage support.

Marie got home around 7:20, we talked for a minute, then I rewarded myself by going and getting a joint. I smoked it in front of my car in the dark, then chilled the rest of the evening. Bedtime went smooth, and I stayed up late playing games. Altogether it was a good day, but my family magnified it to a great one.

Love you Amelia, Marie, kitty,


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