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Not Sacrificing Happiness


Got my friend Daniel from work to play Apex Legends with Marie and I and boy do we have a blast!

Altogether we’re not the best players, and I’d say we win about 50-60% of the time, but that average is solid and so is our enjoyment. It’s mainly a way for us to play as a group so Marie and I don’t have to worry about playing well while simultaneously dealing with the anxiety that comes from playing a competitive game with a stranger. Beyond that this Monday was relatively straightforward. Was telling myself I would stop smoking the green but got a good deal and got some anyway. I have a lot healthier habits around smoking since September. Mainly I only do it in the evening after Amelia is asleep so for me it’s just a night cap. I feel I have taken back some control for myself and it makes me feel glad. Glad that I take care of myself while not sacrificing my happiness.



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