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Marie had an ultrasound yesterday. Oh yeah idk if I’ve said this on the blog but I’m going to have another kid. Supposed to be due around summer so I’m stoked!

I feel a lot more confident since this is baby number two. The ultrasound was crazy, though. I could see the baby in crazy detail. I saw their bones. I saw their organs! From a medical standpoint you don’t really want to be seeing your own organs or bones, but this is an exception. I saw their heart, brain, and kidneys. Too, got a great look at their skeleton. They’re growing big and strong.

It was actually kind of surreal. I feel like the medical technology has increased exponentially since Amelia’s ultrasound. Like I feel like I knew this baby already. They’ve got a few more months but all their organs are developed and now it’s just time to size out. It’s crazy how things change so quickly. And yet, it seems like that change can only be measured by how much things stay the same.



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