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Threw Up Again


Threw up last night.

Spent the day at the in-laws to celebrate the “holiday” on the fourth. Drank a bunch of rum throughout the day which was fine, but then I smoked a big ole cigar with the father in law and then about an hour or so later I just blew chunks.

Honestly the tobacco fucked me more than the liquor. Haven’t been smoking tobacco for a few months now. Tried a black and mild a few weeks ago and it just tasted poisonous to me. Technically it is, in a way, but even then. It was so chemical. I’m not espousing cigars as the best smokeable, but it’s like I’ve smoked enough to recognize a difference. Other than that didn’t go to sleep until 3:30am or so and when the baby woke me up around 6:30-7:00am I just been up.

Been thinking about making a big decision with this blog – going back full time to it, but linking it to my main website with my portfolio. I need to update that, but the way… just in the general mood (while on my leave) to really solidify this habit so I can capitalize off it in 3-5 years *cue evil/depressed laughter as I realize my passion for writing, like all other joys in our world, is constantly being wrung for the value beyond itself*


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