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Beautiful Little Man


I haven’t talked too much about it online, but I do have a newborn at home now.

My son, Emerson, was born in the first half of June. He was a little shorter, but quite a bit heavier, than our daughter at birth. He is my beautiful little man. Maybe it’s him or maybe it’s our familiarity this time around, but altogether things have gone well.

He is a healthy little guy with a strong pair of lungs. He really only cries when we change his diaper, when we get him in the car seat, and when he’s a little chilly. We’ve got a fair routine going. All things considered he’s a little easier than Amelia. Granted we’re in a different point of our lives, but even then it’s new and familiar at the same time.

I love him dearly and am glad he is a new member of our family.



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