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Whatever Comes Out of You


We as parents know (or eventually learn) the dangers of dealing with a youngling. To put it bluntly: whatever comes out of you can, and will come out of them.

Around 11:30pm Marie heard Amelia coughing a bit in her room. When she went to check Amelia was asleep in a pool of her own vomit. Needless to say it was messy. This was essentially the remainder of the night. Since the first is the worst (read: chunkiest) we had to clean her all off. From there she dozed while Marie and I cleaned off her blankets and bed.

We got her set up but around 2:00am she barfed again. We were more prepared so it was less of a disaster, but still not fun. The other end was not cooperating, either. Luckily she was really vigilant and drank and bunch of water. Altogether she puked anywhere between 4-6 times. I feel for her.

Marie and I think it was a mixture of things: heavy lunch, playing in the pool (swallowing pool water, putting other kids toys in her mouth *barf* quite literally, etc.), not enough water, heavy dinner, practically eating a scoop of ranch dressing from her hand.

I’d say I handled it well. Got a little frustrated but that’s because when it comes to cleaning bodily functions you want to keep it locked in. It was also like middle of the night exhaustion. She was a champ and I made sure to give plenty of hugs and kisses, too.

We all hurt so it’s not that she’s better for it, but rather that she knows what she’s capable of and how strong she is.



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