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Reasonably Less Tasteful


Ran around a fair portion of Sacramento today.

Kept Amelia home since she was still under the weather. Took the day to reach out to my boss to see when I could return. From there I went to the EDD office to address my paid family leave claim. Got a letter saying my benefits were denied since I didn’t prove I had a kid. But I very much am in charge of another baby.

At the office they told me the actual paid family leave office was three hours south in Fresno, but luckily I could call that office directly from the main office. Got in contact with someone who was a great help and pointed me where I needed to go. From there I picked up some medication, stopped home to kiss the family, then did a two hour round trip to Auburn for Emerson’s birth certificate since he was born in a different county.

There is a part on American birth certificates that has a section/area to be notated upon the death of the individual and let me tell you my brain did not love that image. Altogether not the worst to be haunted by the specter of death for myself, but reasonably less tasteful when my kids are the context.


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