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Have to Deal


Marie’s family spent the night and hung out throughout the day. Her dad got sick from her niece so I’m not stoked about that.

More so, the last time they were over he was also pretty sick. It doesn’t bother me so much, but it can be a bit tricky. They stayed the night because their flight got in late, and they live an hour and a half away from the airport they arrived in. Technically they could’ve gone home and rested, but I think it would’ve been hard.

I don’t know. Don’t have as much to say as the past couple of days. I was just a little peeved he was over when he was sick, especially since we have an infant. I wouldn’t have kicked him out, but what especially got me was his lack of safety. Amelia has had a cough all week that we fought off because she was having an activity week at school. Our family is really affectionate and gives plenty of kisses, but if we’re sick we blow. However, I definitely saw them exchange a quick grandpa/granddaughter kiss on the lips at least twice, if not more, always initiated by Amelia.

It’s one thing to be sick. It’s one thing to be sick at a family member’s house. It’s another to be sick at a family member’s house while actively spreading germs instead of just setting firm boundaries. He could’ve just said “not now, I’m sick.” Didn’t say anything cause Marie’s parents take every thing personally, even if it is a good point. It is frustrating but I suppose I’ll have to deal.

Evening ended fine with a family movie night. Didn’t get to sleep until close to 3:00am though which fucking blows now.


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