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Aquatic Center


Maybe Sundays will be the day I keep things short. More so because Mondays are so butt fucking chaotic I barely have time to write.

It was a good day. We took the morning slow and then brought Amelia to her best friend’s birthday party. We got there late, but that’s fine because they’re friends of the family and we always get to each other’s events pretty late. This one was at an aquatic center south of the apartment. It was a really nice place and I might wanna take the beans back. It reminds me of a rec center I went to when I was young. Ours was indoors because I grew up in a place that snows, but this one basked in the luxury of the sun.

Glad to say I didn’t get burned from being outside all day at the fair, and didn’t get roasted for being the only white guy at a pool party. I think it was a pretty damn good day.


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