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Cover Their Tracks


A hectic introduction to August today—was awoken at 6:30am when someone from work called my personal phone.

I was less than pleased. More so because the early mornings are when Marie is getting most of her rest, and when Emerson is at his lightest sleep. And here comes a blaring phone call that felt loud enough to just send our baby into a screaming match. Once I had woken up enough to let my sleepy grumbles dissipate I got to work. I wouldn’t do it normally, but my boss was out, my coworker was out, and the supervisor who handles the work distribution for the technicians is out on leave. So I sat in a dark part of the house away from the fam so I could sort out the work issues and get the guys some money.

Altogether I ended up working a little extra in the morning, which didn’t even pay off later in the day. That was a frustrating realization: knowing the extra work I did was so completely out of my responsibilities it didn’t even help my work load. The work load is fine, just a tad heavier than normal since our other operations admin has been out sick. Even then I still think they’re looking for new jobs. As I get back up to speed and interact with different parts of the company database again I can see pretty frequent errors throughout. Some are small and nuanced while others are pretty big and glaring. Nothing to halt operations, but enough that we now have to question the efficacy of their work. That in and of itself is not a good feeling. For one, I don’t like questioning the work of my coworkers—we’re part of a team and that means having each other’s backs.

However, I know that if enough errors come to light then I’ll have more work to do since I’ll likely be tasked with not only checking over all work going forward, but reviewing everything they’ve sent out. It’s an odd position being someone other people can rely on. Some use it for the better of all, while others use it to cover their tracks. We all get found out in the end, one way or another, though.



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