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Vacation – Last Day

5-10-21 Last day of vacation. Very melancholy. Tried to go to Dennis the menace park in Monterey but it was closed until 1:00pm. We circled the block thinking and almost did a river paddle boat thing but decided that would cut into beach time too much. Drove back to Santa Cruz, got souvenirs on theContinue reading “Vacation – Last Day”


4-15-21 Spending time with family is nice. I haven’t seen my family in about two years, if not more. I do miss my parents and my sister dearly. Growing up we were close, but not microscopically. There was an unspoken knowledge that we each had our own lives, so if we wanted to be aloneContinue reading “Sibling”

Ear Ideas

3-15-21 Shoot. I’m not engaged in any big projects, or longer term investments right now, but I feel as busy as ever. It’s almost 10:00pm when I write this and I feel like I’m having to carve a chunk of time out of my evening. Where does the time go, for real. It’s not asContinue reading “Ear Ideas”


2/28/20 When or why is the right time to make a blog post? Fuck me & my brain I called writing in my diary a blog post. Sure, the outcome is going on an internet diary, which is just a bastardized way of saying blog. It’s all semantics. Is a diary for recounting or reflecting?Continue reading “.38”