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Edward, in all my glory

I am a writer who wants to write more. This blog is a daily dedication to living, so if you’re looking for more of that then here you go.

I was born when the stars sneezed and realized that what was left in the tissue looked vaguely human shape. So, in typical fashion, they just threw a bunch of emotions in my psyche and expected it to work out in the end.

I’m not saying it hasn’t worked out, because I have all the technology at my finger tips. But, with all that technology, all I can think to do is keep a diary. So… Here you go.

Reasons You Should Read my Blog

You’re already here.

This is technically the “about me” page.

It’s updated daily so you know I care about it more than my loved ones.

My mom reads it.

I’m one cool sack of flesh and bones.

Read my Diary Everyday

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