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Today was a Tuesday. By far and away the oddest and least inspiring day of the week is Tuesday. Not to say Tuesday’s are bad days. Indeed, Tuesday nights are rather spectacular. Because it’s closer to Wednesday than it is to Monday, and because the universe gets silly on Tuesday nights.

For the past 3-4 months I have been trying to go tell stand-up comedy on Tuesday evenings. I try to go 3/4 Tuesdays a month (or 2 on, 1 off). I have not gone for 3 weeks due to work, illness, or a mixture of the two. Tonight Marie hosted more dance auditions for school. Comedy sign-ups start at 7:30pm. Marie didn’t get home until 7:35, so I left by 7:40. By the time I got there I saw my friend Colin walking. He got a spot but said it was already fill & they were turning comics away.

I went home a little disappointed but did a good job of not feeling too sorry for myself. I smoked a cigarillo & reveled in the bitter, smokey taste. It was better than yesterday’s. Although I love telling jokes I was glad to have family time. Too, I plan to go out on Thursday to a different spot. When one jokes fails, there can always be another punch line.

I plan to eat Marie out tonight and spend some much needed quality time together. She is sweet & musty, like a roasted strawberry. In the end I live on, laughing, smiling.

I love my daughter, wife, mom, sister, & dad so much it’s not funny



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