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I did it! I went and did stand up at a place off broadway & 18th. I’ve been there before but tonight went really well! I got pretty solid laughs. It was soul fulfilling. An odd thing did happen: I tried to join in a group of people I kind of knew outside, but as soon as I walked up they all literally walked five feet away. It was the oddest shit. I didn’t know what to do so I just did a slow turn & by the time I turned around they walked back over to me talking about how to find shrooms here. One guy said he would talk to his old manager and that made me smile.

I had gotten there a little after 8:20 and it was PACKED. It was in a little comedy theatre that seats about 24-30 people. The show started at 9:00, and I was signed-up as 15th, but due to scheduling and luck or whatever I went around 20th-22nd. The energy was good.

I almost backed out. My heart was pounding and I was forgetting to breathe I was so nervous. I had time to sit & decompress, though. My daughter sleeps in bed next to me while my wife browses the internet. My diary is written with the dull caress of sleep cradling my consciousness.

For now, I am fulfilled. That’s all I ask for.

I love my mom, dad, wife, sister, & daughter



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