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We went to the Oakland Zoo today. Marie’s godsister works there, so when Marie mentioned going this weekend she said “I got you guys,” and she did got us. She got us in for free, helped us get a stroller for free, got us a jump in line, free lunch, a private room (technically a classroom in the section of the park) to ear the free lunch in, & then a 30% discount on the toy Amelia picked out.

I bought a postcard & a magnet full price. I was going to write today’s diary on the postcard, but I will now either use it to write a letter to a family member, or to Marie’s godsister. Probably the family member, & a thank you note for the latter.

It was a great day. After the zoo we went and visited Marie’s parent. We had dinner there, & I smoked a cigar & drank amaretto with her dad. I love amaretto. We talked about families & taxes. On the drive back we talked about wedding stuff (Marie & I.

I didn’t get mad, lose my temper, or rush the day at all. I have been working on my depression more. Being actionable helps. Marie is still upset about the rings, but I am fine. Making sure she is ok & has space to feel this out is more important than any ring to me.

Do you think, since the universe created everything, it created feelings? It sure would explain a lot.

Mom, dad, Marie, Amelia, sis, Alexander – I love you



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