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I stayed home sick today. Technically, Amelia and I stayed home sick today. And, even more technically speaking, Amelia stayed home sick & I worked from home. Whatever work stuff needed done (for the most part) got done, and I was home before 4:15pm. By that I mean I was home, inside, all day. That’s only partially true—I took the garbage out to the dumpster in the evening. The night air was calm in such a simple way—shushing cars, my feet on the pavement, the ragged wheeze from my chest. There’s so much phlegm in my.

I wonder if this is the most phlegm I’ve ever had. If all the phlegm I’ve produced was put into a glass container I’m sure I would be overwhelmingly displeased. I don’t mind coughing it up or having to deal with it. It’s just that I only do it bit-by-bit. Imagine a 10-gallon tank full of phlegm. Just slimy, congealed globs of sickly greens & yellows sloughed together in a glass container. Just imagine if the container broke!

Oh god. The thought of all that slime is unpleasant, to say the least. Slimes are often low-level enemies in video games, and even though they are perceived as trivial the reality of the fact is they, 100% without a doubt, leave a snail trail. Good for knowing when they get into the cookie jar, bad for your carpets, floors, & general sense of well-being,

To all the slimes & animated cubes



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