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Marie and I got approved for a new apartment. We’ve been looking to move since there was a double homicide in the complex back in November and just got the confirmation yesterday. I had just enough time to put in the 30 day notice at the leasing office.

I never liked the fact that it costs money to break a lease. I am well aware we signed a contract stating we’re liable for charges connected with terminating a lease early, but even then it’s such a drain. The only reason we are moving is because the complex no longer seems safe. Altogether it’s an additional $1470 to break rent on top of our last month of rent, also $1470.

Marie was a little upset that I told the office we were moving to be closer to family because she was going to see if they would waive the lease termination fee, but I sincerely doubt they would. These are the same people who raised our rent in the middle of a pandemic. I truly don’t think they care if someone got murdered and it’s turning us away. Whenever I walk with Amelia we see empty apartments so I don’t get the impression that the complex is drowning in money.

Oh well. Marie and I are fortunate and lucky enough to be in a position where we can afford our last month rent, pay an additional fee to break rent, and then afford the deposit for the new property. Altogether it will be a big financial hit, but in the end we will have a bigger apartment and a greater sense of security.

Here’s to hoping the move is as smooth as possible. I sure hope it will be.

Love you all,


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