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Moving More


Gonna be a short post because I had another long ass day moving the rest of our stuff. Big heavy items like the tv center, book cases, mattresses, kitchen table, etc. We got a new couch. This one is a sectional. It’s like a couch with a chaise lounge chair attached to the end. Worked until about 1:00am since I was so wired. I went to bed at 2:00am with Amelia and Marie stayed up until 4:00am cause she’s crazy.

Not much to say other than I focused hard on moving in these past few days and the new place already feels like home. The old apartment is already kind of fading. We have some cleaning things to do in but we have the apartment for another whole week so we have time to clean and prep so the fuckers at the old leasing office don’t steal our deposit like they do to whoever they can.

In the end it’s just money. If they take it I don’t give a fuck. Marie is getting some good $$ with taxes and I will most likely get some refunded, too. I feel so beat it’s like I’m running on fumes that are running on fumes.

And wow: just like that, through sheer willpower and talking about total shit of importance I’ve reached my word quota for the day. How about those odds? I never want to move again but the ever changing face of our existence will most likely necessitate it at some point so why try to fight it? Here right now and I’ll make the best of it.

Love you all,


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