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An old friend from college reached out to me a couple weeks ago about a fringe theatre festival they were producing here in town. They encouraged me to submit a piece, but also said they would appreciate volunteers to help them read scripts. I gladly signed up for both. We had a meeting today with the two of us and all the other readers. I recognized some from college and it was nice to see familiar faces.

Beyond that it’s been really nice getting back into theatre. I haven’t touched any of my old scripts in probably 1-2 years so revisiting them was an interesting process. It’s always wild to me to see how much my writing has grown since those times. And in a sense that means that same writing has grown. It has matured within me as well as beyond me. That’s not to say the writing is bad. At time is can be naïve, or a little shallow, but for the most part I’ve recognized a pattern in my writing:

I’ll come up with an idea, get the framework down (or the energy and tone that should dictate the piece) then I let it sit. The most recent piece I got published was about a 3 year process. I wrote the short story in 2017, let it sit for about 1-2 years, revisited it and fleshed it out, let it sit, then polished it up about 6-9 months later for submissions. Then I waited almost a year to get the admission. That was my 4th published short story.

I love writing and I love this blog because even if it’s not a play or a story it’s my life and I love to write it down. I’m hopeful at least one family member down the lineage will find and read this. That’s what I look forward to the most.

Love you dad, sis, mom, Amelia, Marie, kitty


One thought on “Fringe

  1. Aww that’s so cool, to leave something behind for others to read. I myself think I journal because of this very reason myself. Here’s to creating an entire library of reading for your loved ones!


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