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Ebb & Flow


Building new habits around a different schedule can be challenging. I struggle with being consistent yet fluid. The reason why I write these daily diary posts is to have a long term project that requires consistency. The hard part comes from setting goals, yet giving myself the flexibility I need to meet them. Here’s some context:

I’m a pretty easy-going manager. We are all human and I want the people on my team to know that the relationship is built on trust. If they damage that trust it hurts them more in the end than me. Same can be said for me.

So in terms of this blog if I don’t do a post on the day and then back date it the next I lose views, but I also lose that momentum from previous posts. So I give myself the time to do it, and I don’t set too many rules on how to do it. Like lately I’ve been writing a bit more. That’s because I’m in the office and can carve out a specific time to write the post and draw the cover.

When I was with Amelia my days were a lot more ebb and flow. They were based around the changing tides of my daughter’s wants and needs. By giving myself the freedom to say however much I want when I want allows me to approach the project with an open mind. In the end I want myself to succeed, so I need to give it the time and space it deserves to accomplish that.



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