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Poison the Well


Not a bad day back in the office. Getting along well with the new temp worker helping with some city work. They’re a pretty cool dude and gel with my manager and I. Truth be told my friend Daniel and I planned a bowling night on Thursday and invited E. and Andre. Mainly because it was crazy expensive for solo bowlers but we’ll get unlimited with all four of us for the same price each. I’m stoked. I haven’t hung out with friends in person like this in years. Boys night!

Beyond that it was an ok evening. Marie is really stressed with money so I think she’s starting the job search again. We missed our last appointment to set up a joint savings account but that’s on the list for us. Once we get that underway I think things will balance out since we won’t have to worry about distribution of funds. We’ll have our direct deposit do that for us.

We ran out after dinner for a quick errand and Amelia fell and hit her knee real hard on the sidewalk. She was crying pretty hard. Whenever she cries like that I get so stressed it hurts and I just vent a bit. Sometimes my tone gets gruff and I come across as grumpy but that’s a façade for my fear. I’m afraid it’s bad and scared that I won’t be able to help in a meaningful way. When I get grumpy people listen to me more so I feel more in control of the situation. But that’s like saying I poison the well because it kills the bacteria in it. It does more than just what I say it does.

By the time she went to bed she was doing alright. Knee was still tender and a little scraped, but not too bad. I think it’ll bruise pretty nice. At least it’s not broken. I don’t know how I’d feel about another part of my daughter breaking on me. Probably not good!

Love you Amelia & Marie


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