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I woke up around 7:30am and fed Alexander. My side of the bed was still warm when I climbed back in. Amelia lay between Mari & me. We slept in and let this dozing Sunday wake us up. I cooked them scrambled eggs & they loved them. Marie got a wisdom tooth removed so she has to eat like a grandma. I smoked more than I probably should’ve today. My mouth has felt raw lately, and smoking doesn’t help. Sometimes it makes me feel bad but sometimes it doesn’t.

When Amelia & Marie took their naps I ran to the store & got supplies. They were still asleep when I got back so I stuffed a small spliff and went outside to smoke. It kinda tasted like a dryer sheet. After I finished, went back inside, & washed up Amelia woke up. We watched a movie while I folded laundry. It was a stupid kid’s movie.

For dinner I made homemade mac & cheese for dinner & it was so good it made Marie come. That’s a lie, but it was very good. I write this while Marie & Amelia shower together. The sound of water on the curtain fills me with a lovely content. I hope all the cheese, milk, & cream in the mac don’t give my lactose intolerant ass diarrhea.

Here’s to hoping.

Bye, y’all.

I love my mom, dad, sister, wife, & daughter w/ all my heart!



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