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I’m writing in bed again. I figure I can get out from behind my desk once in a while. You know—really explore the countryside with my diary. All I want is to snack snack snack snack snack. My teeth are in a real chompy mood. I’ve had some snacks here and there.

Marie & I got into a fight on our way to Ikea so we didn’t go to Ikea. She told me to drive home. I did. She didn’t eat with us. Amelia & I had real “single dad” meals for dinner: a hotdog with no bun, white rice, and cheeze-it crackers (white parmesan flavor). It was filling, I suppose, but now I hunger.

I’m so fucking tired. My eyes are really heavy, and I feel leaded. Part of me doesn’t want to write the whole page but the other part of me knows I’ll upset if I didn’t use all my resources to share. But oh goodness it’s getting harder and harder to fight back the sleep. Marie & I are not mad at each other anymore. Technically speaking I think she had grounds to be mad, & I didn’t, but I digressed.

Saturday was nothing if not wild. I don’t know how long I’ll resist sleep. This may be one of my shorter posts unless I pad the end with useless nonsense, a long sentence, and a cliff-hanger…

I love you all, mom , dad, sister, daughter, wife



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