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Sunday Cycle


Does the cycle end or begin on Sunday? It’s technically part of the weekend and is, indeed, “the week’s end.” But on a standard calendar Sunday begins at the start of the week. Perhaps it is at the beginning of the week because, in Christianity at least, it is a holy day. It’s the sabbath, the lord’s day, the king of days. But if Sunday is the “Monarch of Days” how do we explain its ceaseless lurch forward, its paradoxical confinement, its dripping, drawling departure?

The issue I find, and have always found, is that our cycles must renew. Growing up Sundays signaled an almost ceremonial end to the fund. Sure it was a day off of school, but it was also a signal that soon, you too would be off of being off. Sunday is the “ten more minutes” of playing at the park.

The structure of time works to contain the last respite of our peace. You can’t go a whole Sunday without thinking “oh your God it’s Sunday—my fun, like me, is mortal.” Yet, to write that out feels inviting. It is an offer to challenge the universe. It is a pistol duel with time—you’ll both lose (one dead, one charged with manslaughter). Only, at the end, you’re the bullet, not the body.

In essence, Sunday is the journey, not the destination.

I love my wife, daughter, sis, mom, dad, & Alexander



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