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Three Penny


Another day gone, another day older, another moment lived. I know for a fact that Monday, February 10th, 2020 will not live on in infamy within my psyche. For the most part I remained the same. My physical form did not dissolve into the ether &, for the most part, I am still a carbon-based life form that depends on cellular respiration to distribute oxygen through my body.

I went on a walk at lunch today & was struck by two things: the vibrant serendipity of running upon a group of beautifully blooming flowers, & the simple pain of realizing your boxers do indeed chafe you. These contrasting realities helped develop my Monday.

It was not just a day-in, day-out day. It was not a run-of-the-mill, two-penny spectacle. By all accounts it was, at the very least, three pennies. Speaking of which, when I stopped at the gas station after work I found three (3) very shiny pennies. It was pleasant.

The rest of the evening went according to plan; the simple routine took the reins, & I relied on rote & repetition to drive me to sleep. There’s nothing to complain about right now. On the whole I feel very satisfied. My depression still exists, as does my anxiety, but for now they stay asleep in the back seat of my life. I hope they don’t wake up.

I love my daughter, wife, mom, dad, cat, & sis



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