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Kid Jokes


I told jokes again. It went well. I used the same set from last week, but rearranged it a little to change the flow. The audience responded well to it, which is always nice. It’s very satisfying when the audience trusts you because you can trust them, too.

A kid—like a literal child—got up on stage and told some jokes. It was by far and away the most interesting part of the set. He couldn’t have been older than 6th or 7th grade. I loved it. He’s not all that funny (yet), but I was so pleased and impressed to see a young man tell jokes, but also to have his dad support him by taking him to these events. Too, the kid said it’s been helping him get better at speaking in public, but also just speaking in general. The kid had a fanny pack that he wore slung across himself like a bandolier and I knew I would never be ablte to wear that.

Marie was not too pleased that I left, but that’s only because I mentioned I was apprehensive about the evening. She was rather icy by the time I got home (about 10:15) but I was only gone 3 hours, and it was also Tuesday. Her demeanor melted and we chilled until late.

I stayed up later than I should’ve so I know for a fact I won’t run in the morning. I suppose I will walk at lunch. Until then, I sleep.

I love my mom, dad, cat, daughter, sister, & wife



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