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It was an interesting day. I stated up very late with Marie last night, & we both woke up early. There was a casting call in Folsom nearby, so Marie convinced me to go with her & Amelia. It was technically a casting call for infants/children, but they also want families. When we were done we went to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. There was a line when we got there, & Amelia was crying a lot.

The line was not organized or straightforward so we accidentally cut someone. That stressed me out so I stepped outside, & Marie followed. Then someone stole our spot in line, & Amelia was bawling. We were going to go somewhere else, but Amelia would not go back in the car seat.

This was a first for me, but I just stood with my family & collected myself. We walked in the restaurant, & because our party was bigger than the others they sat us almost immediately. We both felt weird because neither Marie nor I likes special treatment. We ate a lot.

Amelia passed out on the drive home, & took a long nap. While she slept Marie & I made love. When Amelia woke up I went on a jog. By the time I got back, showered, & got dressed Marie was wanting Amelia & I to go to the ER/Urgent care with her to check her leg. I didn’t want to go & Marie said “I would go with you” which was mean. We argued, she left, I put Amelia to sleep, she returned, & I went to bed.


Love you mom, dad, sis, Marie, Amelia, & Alexander



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