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Contractual Obligations


It was Valentine’s Day. I will not say much about the holiday. Marie got me slippers. I got her roses & a waffle press. Amelia got the inflated mylar balloon got me. The evening was going well. Marie was working on the kitchen, and Amelia & I were playing. I was going to wash Amelia in the shower. I asked Marie to put her in, and she slipped and fell hard on her left thigh. She can’t move it well.

I got really scared & freaked out. When I get like that I try to take control. That happened tonight & it’s not good & has probably never been great. It spoiled the evening. Amelia & I showered. Marie iced & elevated her leg, and continued working on Amelia’s cardboard kitchen.

While putting Amelia to bed I fell asleep with her & knocked out. Marie came and got me, then I just went and knocked out on the couch. That was around 10:30pm. When Marie woke me up again to go to bed it was 1:30am. Sometimes I just don’t get it. Things happen so quickly.

Can we truly say we experience something when we are surely caught up in the way it used to exists rather than how it exists now? Maybe we need the reference. You’re able to create a spectrum.

Per holiday norms I am contractually obligated to say I love my daughter, wife, mother, sister, father, & cat



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