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Celestial Paperwork


It was the end of my 3-day weekend and I didn’t feel stressed. The day went. I woke up slow, let the day glide, and enjoyed the morning. Amelia & I arrived at her class around 8:50am, just in time for breakfast. We sat together & she ate peaches & cheerios. We washed our hands, and she didn’t cry when I left.

From there I went home, did writing stuff, picked up a bit, then slugged it out on the couch with video games. Marie got home from school a little after 1:30. We hung out & left for her to get her nails done around 4:00. I got supplies for dinner (taco salad), smoked, got Amelia, then picked Marie up from her nails.

The evening carried on. Our lovely little family went through a lovely dinner & play session. Putting Amelia to bed each night has been an interesting procedure. That just means she refuses to sleep.

The past two nights Marie & I have fallen asleep with her. I guess it’s not so bad. This time—with Amelia’s youth—is so precious. It transcends the time life takes like chores or responsibilities and condenses itself into little droplets of realization. These moments grow until they’re too heavy & then they fall plip right onto your forehead & you realize in that moment that part of that instance will live with you forever.

That’s celestial paperwork.

Love you, all



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