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Kind of Consistent


I started keeping a daily diary over a month ago—about one month, one day. As assumed, my life is no more different. Of course, I am writing every day, and this is my first non-school-related literary project that I have stuck with so consistently. I have found flexibility in a daily diary; I can write my posts any time during the day, or even the morning after. Lately, since the nights have felt so heavy with sleep, I have been writing in the morning, when the sky is still dark.

Marie has been leaving by 7:00am each morning for crew work. She is part of a dance show, & she is in charge of cleaning, moving, & maintaining costumes. Of course, the show/department is unorganized at times, and their miscommunication frustrates Marie, & annoys me.

Even though Marie has been more tired/unavailable lately, the silver lining is that I get to take Amelia to & from school before & after work. She can be a handful sometimes, but Amelia is predictable, so we have fun more often than not. She has gotten very used to school. She seldom cries when I finally leave, & she is very eager & excited to get going when I come back.

She’s perfectly contained there, and she learns so much. Marie and I lucked out with Amelia’s schooling. I want her to learn, experience, & love. So far she’s going great.

Love you Amelia, Marie, Alexander, Lee, Anthony, & M.



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