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French Toast


I almost didn’t write in my diary today. Not that I wanted to ignore it, but in reality it’s the morning after yesterday and I’m writing this at the kitchen counter cooking French toast.

I swept the shop at work. It was really dusty and dirty. I’m technically operations, but my last manager was a lazy fuck who had me sweep the shop, and it stuck. It breaks up the drudge of data auditing. When I was done sweeping & washing I went and smoked then got Carl’s Jrs. It is greasy food, and will surely shorten my life span, but it hit the spot.

I stayed late (on a Friday of all days) to finish some invoicing. I will be getting a promotion soon which is very exciting. It’s more work, but it’s an opportunity to make more $$$, which is always nice in a capitalistic society. It is a very nice day. It’s over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That seems awfully warm for February. I’ve only ever experienced about 24-25 Februaries, though, so I might not be able to speak with objectivity on the nature of the 2nd month.

I feel disjointed lately. At work I feel fine, but at home I feel separate. Everyone is working toward different ends in this house, and at times that can feel obtuse. I think it’s temporary. I hope it is. The beginnings of the years have too many expectations. For now I eat.

Love you mom, dad, sis, wife, daughter, cat



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