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Bean Juice


If today wasn’t a day then I don’t know what is. Work came & passed. I got done what I could, took a small walk, and had a long lunch. Marie & I went to a Salvadorian restaurant for pupusas, but it was cash only. Both our cars needed oil so we put some into both of our cars and walked to a restaurant with pizza in the name, but not on the menu.

However, Marie got stressed because she didn’t want me to get in trouble for being late. We got cash, talked some serious stuff while we waited for our food, then kissed goodbye. Marie was very sad. It was a deep conversation, but all things considered it was for the best. I went back, finished work, then went & got Amelia from school. Marie got home a little later as she had school stuff (surprise, surprise).

Amelia has red bumps on her feet, hands, groin, chest, & legs. Marie thinks it is hand, foot, & mouth disease. While Marie was giving Amelia a bath (which Amelia hated the entire time) I cleaned out the fridge. An old, shitty, useless piece of Tupperware broke & spilled bean juice on our floor & under the fridge. It was hell. I’m sure our kitchen will smell for a bit.

We’ll be falling asleep with Amelia here soon. I’m ignoring the tickle in my throat. No sickness for me, please. Just more days, please. If you don’t mind, that is.

Love you all (you know who you are)



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