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Oh how diseases grow like humans: slightly, then all at once, then in the weirdest places, then, just as it starts to feel permanent, it vanishes. We are the bacteria striving to succeed; working to reproduce and & leave a legacy loathing with growth, loss, death, life. Where do we go? How do we go? The flue and its various strains feel no remorse for getting someone sick. They just are.

Sometimes it helps me to realize I just am. That way I never get it in my head that I need more than I do. Like the disease I do & move on. I inject the world with a bit of myself, (like that johnny Appleseed fuck), and then let history’s antibodies erase me.

Amelia stayed home. I took a jog at lunch. When I got home I hot ready for a shower, talked to Marie, & greeted Amelia when she awoke from her nap. She was covered in hives—arm, legs, chest, back, face. Her eyes were red & puffy. We have her baby drugs & took her to the ER. They saw her in the lobby so as not to spread her hand, foot, & mouth.

Apparently, in some cases of HF&M, their finger nails can fall off. Disgusting! The doctor was lovely & she helped put Marie’s find at ease. For now we all lay in bed together (Alexander included) while Marie talks to her parents on the phone. Here’s to health!

Love those tiny little bacterial, viral robots!



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