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Celestial String


Marie might be a little upset with me. I’ll be honest—I’m actually writing this the morning after the 6th as I was tired as a dog last night. Hence, the frustration of my wife. I got home around 5:30pm dog tired. Amelia was down for a nap, and Marie was picking up. We sat down, hung out for a bit, made love so good a star 15 million light years away grew 57% brighter, and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Marie made me check a scab in her nose three (3) times last week, so I made her scrape all the gunk out of the little crevices in my ear. It felt really nice. More so that Marie was touching my ears and so close to me, less the fact I had so much ear garbage. Amelia woke up from her nap late—around 7:30, and within the hour I was knocked out.

The whole week—taking care of myself and Amelia, doing work, and trying to keep the apartment livable—completely drained me so on Friday I was a light switch. I fell asleep around 8:00, and was up off and on until 12:30pm. I had moved to the couch, then the floor, when Amelia’s last movie had ended. We went together to her room and fell asleep together.

Marie woke me up very aggressively, put medicine on Amelia’s hands, and before I knew what her plan was I went back to our bed. She did not sleep with me last night. I’m sure she stayed up late then went and slept with Amelia. Oh well. This morning I am going to fold all of the laundry and get food prepared for my loves.

Spousal wrath notwithstanding, I believe I had a regular, lovely, rest-filled evening. I have the vague memories of dreaming, but the celestial string has untwined so I only remember vague suggestions, not actual points to go off of. Lucky you! You might’ve had to hear about my dream. Maybe next week!

With love to my very special, amazing, lovely, bursting with butterflies bride – Marie



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