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Soft sickness—like a wilting flower still soaking up the sun—drips off of my body. My throat aches more than it has before so I now talk with a booming baritone. Any cough pinches at my vocal cords and reminds me I am (as of right now) limited. I have boundaries. My abilities are locked on the edge of a chasm, and I’m on the other side.

You always seems to notice what you can’t do when you’re sick more so than what you can. Like, these past few days I’ve been home sick, I’ve been able to use my bathroom whenever I want. I’ve been able to wear slippers, sweat pants, and baggy t-shirts. I’ve been able to sit and listen to the day move around me. In essence, I have become full slug with my illness. For one) I produce much slime. For two) we all know slugs (regardless of gender) have deep, romantic, melodic voices brought on by the reality that slugs (and snails) love to boogie.

I am slug man, now. Sniffling and snorting the ooze of the past, schmoozing around the apartment, garnering the general ire of those who walk through my slime line. Let the others live! For now I will gestate.

Of course, Amelia is still sick, but bounding with energy. I go back to work for normal tomorrow. I’ve had a wonky week where I go in very early in the morning to complete essential paperwork (while Marie is home) then I return for the rest of the day to watch Amelia. I get plenty of work done at home, but it is not the norm. A cause for celebration I suppose—breaking the norm.

There’s not much else to relate. The second little mermaid and lion king movies are (respectively) hot garbage fires. Andy Dick is a voice actor in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, and he does a good job, but the movie as a whole seems like a mistake. At least it gave some people some work. Whatever.

Keep it cranking, Andy



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