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I think this time around I’m going to set more realistic expectations. Last time I did this it was my first time doing a daily activity. Daily posts are a lot of work and when I started out I had expectations that I wanted to fill, but as I did it started to feel a little bit excessive.

That’s not to say that I think the work was extra or over-the-top, but I think I had an end goal in my mind already instilled and instead of letting the process carry itself I railroaded myself to get to the station.

In the spirit of reflection every cloud has its silver lining. In hindsight it was nice to set a goal and try to reach it every day for a year. Circumstances aside going a solid two months from nothing felt like a big step. But then how was I supposed to follow that? In what ways can you follow a leap? With another leap, sure. But leaps require energy and timing and balance. So when you are on a day-by-day basis that movement increase (leaping forward, up, ahead) requires a level of consistency that is balanced by either A) easily repeated tasks, or B) a familiarity with the tasks that allows for a higher level of implementation.

That’s to say I’m doing about 250 words a post, I’m not handwriting it and then typing it up, I’ll post everything around 12:00pm local the day after it happened, and I may or may not do featured images each time.

Maybe I’ll talk about what my process used to be in more detail or maybe I’ll forget and just ramble on.

Love you mom, dad, sis, wife, daughter, cat



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