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One of the things that I’ll need to accept is the fact that my posts might be boring at times. That’s ok. That’s life. To be bored is a relative privilege. Am I bored of living in a world where idiotic seditionists think for a moment they’ll get away with a coup attempt? Not necessarily. But there needs to be a buffer.

And, to be quite frank, I am bored of living in a system governed by its value. It is boring to know that everything you do must have a worth of sort and if that can’t directly be translated into a dollar sign then what’s the point?

I want to live. I want to work together. I want to strip the people who walk on the basic idea of human rights of their worth and their things so their deepest fears come true. I want them to feel the poverty that inflict and perpetuate.

It’s so boring to believe in hate and fear. It’s so boring to believe people are out for the greater worse. Have faith in yourself since you don’t have faith in others. At the root of it — under all your masks of sarcasm, anger, sadness, and shame there is fear. People aren’t afraid of what’s different between them and others they’re afraid of what’s similar. And the realization of someone else’s humanity brings shame when your aim is to minimize that humanity.

It is boring to perpetuate the system that wore you out in the first place so I’ll be bored and I’ll keep wanting and working for more.

Love you dad, sister, mom, Marie, Amelia, Alex


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