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Where I Live


Gosh it’s late and I’m tired. I had an idea about what I wanted to write about earlier but I guess it wasn’t that good because I didn’t write it down. In the end I let it go and moved on. I can’t even pretend to joke about knowing what I was going to say. That’s how far it’s gone in the psyche.

Two people got shot to death in our apartment complex back in November and then a month later there was another shooting three doors down. The management company hasn’t said a word and at least two people are dead.

Amelia and I went and looked at a new alternative today. Marie looked at it yesterday and we had actually seen it before when we first moved here. I was nervous to move at first but in the end we’d only be paying a bit more in rent each month and it’s a lateral move if not an upward one.

More so than anything I was scared of the change. The packing, preparing, moving, settling. The last time we moved it was a place six hours away and it was so stressful I felt purple. Now I’m just sort of ready to get out.

I’m hoping we get approved because if we do that means a larger bedroom which means I won’t have to sleep right next to my desk and constantly be reminded that I’ll work where I sleep and I’ll die where I live.

Love you mom, dad, sister, cat, Amelia, Marie


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