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Growing Together


Today wasn’t so bad a day if I really think about it. I had some scheduling meetings with work and was able to catch up on my backlog which gave me time to begin editing the podcast. Marie sounds so good and I literally sound like I’m on drugs I’m so spaced out. In my defense we didn’t start recording until like 1:00am so I was dog tired.

After work I went on a walk with Amelia because I had plans to call my oldest, best friend (Stod for the purposes of this blog) but was nervous because we hadn’t really talked in ever. The last time I saw him was august, 2019 when Amelia wasn’t even two yet.

I put a little liquid courage in myself in the form of golden rum and apple juice (a terrific combination) in order to avoid any of my anxiety induced word slips and I think it helped. In retrospect it’s probably not the absolute best reality that I need to be buzzed to talk to my friends but I’m not batting an eye at it.

In the end I think I was worried that this would be the conversation where I realize we’ve finally grown too far apart and it’s best to leave it where it lay. But we had a nice conversation over about forty-five minutes.

As much as I want my friends to engage with me more and be a bigger part of my life I know that, in the end, we’ll always be friends. We’ll be able to be friendly when we’re together and pick up where we left off. So even though my friends and I continue to grow in our own direction I feel comforted by the fact that at some we grew together.

Love you Stod, mom, dad, sis, Amelia, Marie, kitty


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