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Marie and I started our podcast last night. I’ve been collecting the equipment for a couple months now and we finally have everything we need for our 2 person podcast: we got our microphones, stand (one is in transit), cables, audio interface, headphone amplifier, and more cords.

It was actually really fun. We nailed down what we wanted to do about a couple weeks ago but we had actually been talking about it for at least 3-4 months. The first episode was a little touch and go, but I think it’s because I was so nervous and kind of psyching myself out. Also, we didn’t start recording until like 1:00am because of Amelia.

Originally, Marie and I were only going to do it once every other week but I think we both had such a good time that it just energized us to do another one. I cannot wait until next Tuesday, which will have to be our recording days since Tuesday is the only consistent day off that Marie gets.

Honestly, I’ve been so excited to create lately. I can’t say why exactly, but I think it’s because I was fortunate enough to have a vacation over the holiday season. That time off from work reenergized me, and from that I got another, new perspective about the type of career I want to make for myself. And that’s creating.

Lately this project, another weekly one I have going, and this new podcast have me so amped and excited that I can’t wait to do more. One of the harder (but better) things that I’ll practice is pacing. I know that sometimes the energy doesn’t always carry like it did in the beginning so I’m doing my best to let these (hopefully) lifelong passions walk from the start.

Love you dad, mom, sister, daughter, wife, kitty


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