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Bad news everyone it’s 4:38am and I am now just getting ready for bed. And I didn’t even take a nap today! I know you’re all so disappointed in me but that’s alright. At least it’s the weekend and I am fortunate enough to have a job that gives weekends off. Even if it didn’t I probably would’ve stayed up until like 2:00. Who’s to say?

Obviously I have no one but myself to blame, but I got real invested in playing Hollow Knight. I first played it a few years ago back when Amelia was still fresh from the womb. It was much harder to play with a keyboard than a controller yet here we are. I just love the game so much. My favorite part is that it rewards you for exploring in a way that is not empty or tedious.

The games done quick record for Hollow Knight 112% is like 3 hours 35 minutes. I’ve been playing on this save file for at least twenty hours. That’s an insane difference! Part of me would want to try for that but the realist in me knows I don’t have the time or patience or general desire to get a world speed running record quite yet lol.

Altogether today was another Friday that dissolved into the void in its own way, leaving a bit of the week still on my tongue and the quickly dying weekend shuttering in my hands. What to do what to do?

Love you Marie, Amelia, mom, dad, kitty, Dee


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