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Skate Park


Amelia and I went and walked around a public park by a river today. It was actually very nice. The actual park area is really big and consists of some basketball courts, a couple bocce ball courts, a large parking lot (filled with several RVs in various states of life), and a skate park. When we got out of the car our voices echoed in the empty depths of the warehouse skatepark.

There was a ripped up sign explaining that, per the county, the park itself was closed until further notice due to COVID. Based on the debris in the actual warehouse it looks like the skate park has been closed for some time. What a shame.

After looking at the ramps and verts and half pipes for a minute Amelia and I took off down the semi-busy paths. Not too far in we took a trail off the asphalt to the shore of the river. The sand was very fine and cool in our fingers. She sat down and started playing so I joined suite. Two women and their dogs played down the shore a bit, tossing a ball into the water and cheering for whichever pup went and got it.

There was a man snoozing on the shore down the way who wasn’t wearing shoes. To be honest it was rather chilly in the shade so I hope his toes didn’t freeze. I hope he’s doing ok again today.

By the time we left and got home the day had already started to fall to habit and then the next thing I knew I was laying down for bed. How these days go so quick is beyond me. How these moments feel like evaporating eternities will always humble me.

Love you mom, dad, sis, cat, daughter, wife


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