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Oh goodness I know this post is going to be late. To be quite honest this daily diary project is realistically a day after daily diary. I live the day and try to post my thoughts about the day before. So today’s post is about 2/4/21, and at the time of this writing that is yesterday.

I’ve had a very busy day with work so that’s why this post is about 3 hours later than normal. Going forward I’ll do my best to stay on time, but in the end I think (at this point) this project works as a way to get myself to write every day. I write 250 or so words every day (at least) and that’s enough to keep me afloat. I’m able to feel fulfilled because I created something, that energy helps carry me to my next accomplishment, and I like the cycle continue.

In the end I’ll keep being flexible and firm. Flexible in the sense that if I need to do my job that pays me money and helps me not die before I get my post done then so be it. They’re getting easier every day because I’ve been finding the discussions with myself are easier to have. In a sense I think that means I’ve let myself open up to letting the piece carry itself on the strength of my conviction.

In other words I put in the first push and then let the post follow. I don’t need to control every step. It’s powerful knowing I had the control to start and the follow through to finish.

Love you all,


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