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I have posted some of these later than I necessarily wanted to, but as I write this I realize it’s ok to be late. It’s ok to give yourself wiggle room. Even if the creativity/execution wasn’t exactly up to the standard I set for myself, it doesn’t mean the product is any less.

For what it’s worth I’ve been a rather busy fellow these past few days. That’s not an excuse, just an observation. I like breaking my own rules. Yeah I want to get these out before noon my time, but even then it doesn’t really matter all that much. There’s weight behind consistency, sure. Yet consistency for its own sake never mattered to me.

I try to be consistent so that I can feel reliable. That’s not to say being consistent means you’re automatically reliable. To me they are linked because one can exist without the other and even then they’re better together. They have a mutualistic relationship.

My parents were very consistent, my sister is consistent, and I’m consistent. But Marie is a bit different, and Amelia is a toddler. Marie lives moment to moment and as reliable as she is she can change like the shore of a beach. And Amelia is just a ruckus rousing little girl. They’re crazy and they balance me.

In the end simply writing every day has filled me with a new respect for myself, a new respect for my craft, and a new respect for being flexible with both.

Much love to you all: mom, dad, sis, Marie, Amelia, Alex


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